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Hey, how am I doin'? Let me know, crit and kudos welcome!
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NAME: Krakatau
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EMAIL: themetalovesyou (at) gmail (dot) com
AIM: EleiShar
WIKI NAME: Krakattack

CHARACTER NAME: Spartan Paul DeMarco
SERIES: Halo 4/Spartan Ops
CANON POINT: During the opening cutscene for Spartan Ops Episode 5, Momento Mori, right after Thorne runs off.
LOSS: Inability to use additional armor enhancements (hardlight shield, thruster, active cammo, autosentry, hologram, and jetpack)


Paul DeMarco is the flirtatious, slightly arrogant, entitled leader of Fireteam Majestic. Although it's safe to say he's got plenty of military prowess just to be chosen for the Spartan-IV project, he doesn't really come close to the previous standards of Spartan operatives from the -II or -III program.

He begins his tour on the UNSC Infinity by flirting with Sarah Palmer, who would turn out to be the commander of the entire Spartan collective stationed there, thus thoroughly embarrassing himself in front of his teammates. He's quick to amend his actions, calling Majestic to fall in line/Commander on deck, but the damage had already been done; throughout the rest of the Spartan Ops' first Season, it's clear Palmer is not at all impressed with him.

In at least two engagements, Majestic team members outright ignore DeMarco's orders; Hoya leaps out from behind cover to engage with the most dangerous of the Promethean enemies, the Knights, and later Thorne runs off to hijack a Banshee. Both instances point to a lack of general respect for their team leader. One of Palmer's specific comments to DeMarco, when she's setting up a challenge between Fireteams Majestic and Crimson, when DeMarco asks what would their prize be, is 'the respect of your peers, DeMarco. Should be an exciting new experience for you.'

When Crimson ultimately wins the challenge, DeMarco immediately complains, trying to say they had an easier situation to deal with then Majestic (to which Palmer said Crimson had it worse and still managed to beat them).
Despite all this, Majestic is still one of the more prominent Spartan fireteams aboard Infinity, and in addition to their battles on the Forerunner planet Requiem, DeMarco and Majestic are tasked with helping guard the war criminal Dr. Halsey.

During their first session watching Dr. Halsey, she remarks needing three 'of the newest models [of Spartans]' to which DeMarco immediately pipes "Captain Lasky wanted the best" with a large, confident smile, to which Halsey replies with an unimpressed "and yet --".

What makes DeMarco's company so different from the previous Spartan-II and Spartan-III projects is the fact that it is the first to utilize adult volunteers, recruited from all branches of the military for their physical and mental prowess. They were able to experience a normal upbringing (or at least as normal as is possible in a world ravaged by wars); they were not put through indoctrination, they weren't orphaned. In short, he's had proper socialization. It really lets his shining personality show through.


As a choice marine, he's at peak physical and mental condition. With the augmentations he received as part of his volunteering for the Spartan program, he's got increased endurance, strength, and quicker reactions. He's got limited sprint ability; to run quick distances at olympic-runner speeds. He's also used to working on little sleep, "two and a half hours of sleep per forty-eight hour cycle".

He's been trained under military conditions and is competant with a variety of weapons, however is an excellent marksman and able to line up his shots to take out two enemies with one bullet.



Majestic, form up on me!
Where did everyone go?

[DeMarco had been used to a lot of weird shit happening over the past couple months, what with Promethean Knights and Covenant teleporting pell mell all over Requiem, but to find himself in a swank lobby was about the farthest thing from his mind.]

[He stands, since there doesn't seem to be any immediate threat at the moment, and starts channeling through the frequencies on his headset.]

Miller this is DeMarco. We fall into another portal or what? Miller? [Switching channels,]

Dalton? Uh, Commander Palmer? ... Roland?


Hello castle. This is Spartan Paul DeMarco, leader of Fireteam Majestic. Not that any of them are here, apparently - slackers - so if you see them, let them know their Fearless Leader is here.

So basically, you can count yourselves lucky; looks like I'll be joining you for the foreseeable future.

INTENT: For one, I don't think I can not play a Spartan at Paradisa, but two, I need a break from sassy space ladies and DeMarco is pretty much the opposite. Except for the space thing, but we won't hold it against him. not even if he asks us


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